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Painkillers in Theobroma

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La… laa… Lala. Laaa…….


How have you been o’ neglected child?

The one who grew alone

Watering yourself, as no one else did it for you

You were all alone, weren’t you?


Do you still chase dragons in snowflakes?!

Ah! You confused moron!

Trying to fill the hole in your heart

With drinks and friends and laughs and wheels


Does it ease your pain?

You shut doors at people’s face

Does it please your brain?

You play deaf to this Wolf’s lullaby


La… Lala… Lala… Lalaaa…….


Do my fangs scare you

 Or, are you scared of yourself?

Your uncertainty, the hurt of being left

The melancholy that lingers in the aftermath


Nectar in Nerium, whose delirium?

Vectors and barium, smeared in radium

Shape shifting slugs in a whimsical world

Aren’t they the people around you with hearts o’ cold


Before the night ends, hear this out

Life is a game of chess

You have to make a move and march forward

Else you’d be locked up in a clammed cell with yester-sorrows


Time heals only if you let her

Till then clouds come and clouds go

And no storm would be enough to drizzle your pain

So, open your heart before the summer rains


I still keep painkillers in Theobroma, on the table to the right! Just in case if you see some light in this ghastly night!

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