Drop Your Ego, Shed Your Hatred, And Kill Your Desire. Now You Can Fly.

‘Drop Your Ego, Shed Your Hatred, and Kill Your Desire. Now You Can Fly.’- Ranjan Baral

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“Drop your ego, shed your hatred, and kill your desire. Now you can fly.” – Ranjan Baral.


In life, there’s a simple yet profound truth: “Drop Your Ego, Shed Your Hatred, and Kill Your Desire. Now You Can Fly.”

Ego, hatred, and desire are the three greatest negative forces in our lives. 

These are very natural to us. But without proper management these three ill-forces would ruin our lived.

This is an original quote created by me. 

Let’s break down this quote and explore how it can transform your life.

1.      Finish Your Ego

Ego can let you down. You may think, your EGO is YOU.


Ego can create an array of negativity in your life. Ego can create hallucination. It can limit your ‘limit-less soul’.

So you need to manage your ego carefully and judiciously.

Otherwise you will end up with amassing wealth, possessing objects, and living lonely in your remote house.

It’s that voice that says, “I’m always right” or “I’m better than others.” But when we drop our ego, we become open to learning, growing, and connecting with others. 

2.      End Hatred towards others

Hatred is a breeding ground for all the negativities.

It can consume and exhaust our energy, creativity, and ethics.

By shedding hatred, we make room for positive aspects in life.

Love and kindness would help you to feel liberated.

3.      Kill Your Desire

Desires derail us from moving towards our destinations.

Desires are chains that would pull you from reality and take you beyond humanity.

Desire can germinate ill-feelings towards others. It can lead to crimes, wars, and killings.

It can end relationships and disturb your family life.

So handle your desire from now on to make your future bright. When we kill our excessive desires, we find contentment in the present moment. Eventually it would  make you free to pursue your dreams.

4. Ready to Fly!

Once you drop your ego, shed your hatred and kill your desire then you will start flying.

This is a state you can achieve only after dealing with the above three ‘enemies’ – ego, hatred, and desire.

Managing above negative aspects would take to a tranquil phase. You will experience liberated, loved, and admired. You will feel lighter, brighter, and smarter.

Unbound yourself from the clutches of these negativities and liberate your soul.

So, how can this quote improve your life?

·   Improved Relationships

·   Inner Peace.

·  Personal Growth

· Success

End note

Remember this simple but powerful quote: “Drop Your Ego, Shed Your Hatred, and Kill Your Desire. Now You Can Fly.” Apply these principles in your life.

Very soon, you’ll discover the freedom, happiness, and success flowing towards you.

Your life will be elevated, and you will be enlightened.

Thanks for reading my story.

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