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“Without education a man is like an animal without five senses.”

“Without education a man is like an animal without five senses.” – Ranjan Baral.

This statement highlights the importance of education in the development and functioning of individuals. Education is essential for the growth and progress of society as it empowers individuals with knowledge, skills, and values necessary to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.

The comparison of an uneducated person to an animal without five senses suggests that without education, individuals are limited in their ability to perceive, understand, and interact with the world around them. Education provides individuals with the necessary tools to navigate their environment, understand social norms, and participate in meaningful activities.

Without Senses

Just as animals rely on their senses to survive and thrive in their environment, humans rely on education to achieve their full potential and contribute to the betterment of society. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals to prioritize education and for society to invest in providing accessible and quality education to all.

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Ranjan Baral

Ranjan Baral

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