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“Only friends can befriend you from the darker side of your moon.”

“Only friends can befriend you from the darker side of your moon.” – Ranjan Baral.

This statement suggests that only true friends are able to see and understand the darker or more difficult aspects of your personality or life, and still choose to be your friend and support you through them.

The “darker side of your moon” may refer to the parts of yourself that you may not feel comfortable sharing with others, such as your fears, insecurities, or past mistakes. A true friend is someone who is able to look past these imperfections and love and accept you for who you are.

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This statement also implies that only friends can truly empathize with you and understand what you are going through. They may have gone through similar struggles or experiences themselves, and can offer valuable advice and support based on their own experiences.

Overall, this statement highlights the importance of true friendship, which involves accepting and supporting each other through both the good and the bad. It suggests that true friends are those who are able to look past your flaws and see the best in you, while also being there for you when you need them the most.

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