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“Science sans sanity is like a shaolin sans sanctity.”

“Science sans sanity is like a shaolin sans sanctity.” – Ranjan Baral

This is a play on words that uses alliteration to draw a comparison between two seemingly unrelated concepts. “Science sans sanity” means science without sanity, while “shaolin sans sanctity” means Shaolin without sanctity. The Shaolin are a Chinese Buddhist monastic order famous for their martial arts, and sanctity refers to holiness or purity.

The phrase suggests that just as Shaolin without sanctity would lose its spiritual essence and become something else entirely, science without sanity would lose its rationality and become something else entirely as well. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between scientific inquiry and ethical considerations to ensure that scientific progress is not made at the expense of human values and dignity.

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Ranjan Baral

Ranjan Baral

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