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Talent development in current genertion

16th October 2023 | 6 Views

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Definition of terms

Talent is the natural ability to be good at something especially without being taught. An outstanding amplitude is also considered a talent.

Talent development is the process of positive support in abilities of individuals to help identify what they can perform best naturally

Current generation is the present people on earth. In this case we will consider the young people and children

Introduction                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Some talents portray early in childhood ages while others appear at a later age depending on the surrounding environment and activity performance of an individual through interaction. Adults need to nurture talent in children and the young people as it can be really transforming in today’s society


The process is supportive from childhood as they are aided by the adults in talent growth and later after developing their talents can give back to society and help those who supported them at scratch.

The process starts from talent recognition which occurs from childhood where children involve in different roles with their peers either at home or in school and this promotes their growth socially and physically. As growth proceeds to youth stage, one is sure of what he or she can perform best as a talent and through support can really stand out among fellow age mates and through adulthood


  1. Talent development helps to improve one’s self esteem, improve boldness and confidence to stand out among many.
  2. Enhances self-employment for one and for others to helping reduce high unemployment today
  3. Improves interactions as one gets exposure through expression to different people in different areas.
  4. Opens doors for greater opportunities through different platforms that support talent.
  5. Talent development in an individual enhances creativity in one hence influencing the life of other people in the society.
  6. Active developed talent bring change in the society as it enhances bridging gaps that may exist in the society. Example: A person with a cooking talent can start catering activities for unique items and sell to people.        


  1. Parents. They are the first people with ease of identifying an ability especially in children as they grow through observation and positive support to their actions, correction and guidance.
  2. Teachers. They play another great role in talents of children and the young people as they incorporate other co – curricula activities such as drama festivals which supports singing, dancing talents and others.
  3. Government The government can support talents in the country by creating grounds for talent support. Example THE AMERICA GOT TALENT


Singing, drawing and painting, cooking, playing multiple instruments, magic tricks, flexibility, endurance especially in running’


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