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Nature is beauty par excellence, both internally and externally?

“Nature is beauty par excellence, both internally and externally?” – RB

While nature can certainly be breathtakingly beautiful, it is important to recognize that beauty is subjective and can be perceived differently by different individuals. Some people may find the rugged beauty of a mountain range or the raw power of a thunderstorm to be awe-inspiring, while others may find the delicate intricacy of a flower or the calm serenity of a forest to be more beautiful.

Furthermore, beauty is not just external but can also be found within nature. The complexity and harmony of natural systems, the resilience and adaptability of living organisms, and the diversity of life forms are all examples of the internal beauty of nature.

Ultimately, our perception of beauty in nature is shaped by our individual experiences, cultural backgrounds, and personal values. While it is true that nature can be considered beauty par excellence, it is important to recognize that this is a subjective opinion and that there is no objective measure of beauty.

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