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Don’t dwell on worries of the past and future that would affect your life negatively. It’s like shooting in the air. It’s like shelling at clouds for rain!

This quote means that worrying about things that have already happened in the past or things that may happen in the future will not have any positive impact on your life. It’s like shooting a gun in the air or shelling at clouds in hopes of getting rain – it’s pointless and ineffective.

Instead of dwelling on worries, it’s important to focus on the present moment and take action to improve your current situation. By doing so, you can make positive changes in your life that will benefit your future. It’s important to learn from past mistakes but not to let them hold you back or define you.

In summary, this quote encourages us to let go of worries about the past and future and to focus on the present moment and the actions we can take to make a positive difference in our lives.

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