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Unending Thoughts of Love

16th October 2023 | 9 Views

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Why should I love?

Why should I live with memories of thine?

When I can withstand alone

And it was what I just have done.


Why should I create a world?

Why should I live in lies?

When it can do nothing good

But just wipe me and have no price.


The feelings that I’ve been bearing all alone!

Was it that week to even exist?

That you’re being always just an ignorant,

Whenever I tried revealing it in the midst!


The intention that I once had,

Are ruined by you all day long.

But what you’ve been always doing

Questions me about who thee belong.


Being in a multiple disguise,

Always made me grow insane.

But your innocent looking orbs locked me up,

And calms down the raged heart through my vein!


I once had adored you and always do!

But it’s always ye who leaves me with no clue.

Starting from the first day and then

I think my efforts were planted on a land of barren.


I was always there to hear thy words,

Ready to escort you in times of need.

Truly admiring you to the deepest-

Domain of my heart that too has no seed!


The love that I beared for you

Might not be as good as that of others.

But the tears of my weeping heart

 Will always adore you whatever it matters.


This little guy with just a fistful in size

Holds a tremendous care just for you,

To take thou in his core and never compromise

But I think it’s time that he should flee!

And never turn back.

Since what he has, you’ll ne

ver see.

Jyoutshoy Debbarma



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