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Tell Me You Were A Fool

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Originally written by: Mr. Lasisi (of) I AM LASISI .COM WhatsApp: +2349155779975

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I don’t care about love. Nor do I cherished those who do. But I love. And because I love, then I have to cherished. So I’m cherishing them more. Human! The best of the creature. Very disdainful.

I was a walking demon. Some people call me a ghost. I don’t love women. But I always cherished them. I don’t know why. And I can’t possibly explain. Maybe it was because of experience. Measuring things both day and night. Thinking about why will women will just be a men. Kicking men just like they were kicking animals. It wasn’t a great move.

Some men don’t even know they were being fool. Jumping and smiling around. Assuming they could achieve all those shit they’ve been talking about, all in the name of marrying a woman. A fool at forty, he’s a fool indeed. I didn’t thought much about it, because I was tired of it. Let the fool keep on being fool. At least, the wise could keep on enjoying being wise. With all the privilege, the wise won’t pray for the fool anyway. Let the fool continue being foolish. It will yield a good measure in return. I smiled. Good people. They’re the dumbass of all time.

Love is real. But honesty is the hardest. People don’t know exactly what they want. Some of them are just wanting rubbish. Boiling and grinding day and night, all in hope of enjoying family. And when the stupid family turn out being un-yours, (yeah! “Un-Yours” is a made up syllabus, so stop checking your stinking dictionary), people started sweating. Sweating the shit out of themselves. Useless people. Or so I thought. 

I took out the bracelet on my phone. I kept it tight at the back of the cover. Almost a month now. It was given by a friend. And it was a friend representing a client. He want me to locate his woman. But now they were divorced. Living separate life. Not knowing each other whereabouts. But my client want me to find her. Because he was stupid. Stupid than the woman. And he told me once I find her, she will recognized the bracelet. And that I must never gave it to her, unless she agreed to meet up with him. Well. So be it. I am collecting my money, so I wouldn’t care ‘who goes who,’ it was their problem.

Tell me you were a fool. A divorcee, not living his life after the freedom. But was searching for the woman instead. What a great waste. And that was why I love women. Really, they never be at loss. Always smatter. Smatter and faster. They were the real deal. Always knows how to used men. Either directly or indirectly, they’re the best. I gave her my last salute, because she deserved it. Why? Because I found her right here in Lagos. Where she was busy using up another man. And the man she was using? Well, he was over-the-moon about it. Dizzying with affection. Oh my God! Useless people with unreasonable brain. But well, that shouldn’t be my concern. My mission was to deliver the message.

I told her everything about her husband. Or her ex. Maybe that sounds better. And she told him to get the fuck off. She told me not to tell anything to him. But I refused, because I wasn’t going to get paid. So I convinced her. And she agreed. Women. They’ve never passed my own test, no matter how harder they’d had tried. As long as they’re being run by emotions, oh ‘LahLaa’, I would always beat them. Tune in to their emotions, and you can always beat them. 

I called the stupid client. And I told him to meet her up. But he must wire the money first. At least my pay was greater than his problem. At least to me. Or so I think. And he complied. And I told him the location. Either she’d meet up or not, it was their problem. I have giving him the address. If he wants, he can drag his ass out and find her. Because I’m a demon. And some people call me a ghost. I have chosen it that way.

I called a driver. She was always at my need. Different city with different drivers. That was how I usually did it. Bad or baddest forty something woman. Tall and sexy. Glumming eyes with a sparkling eyebrows. How I wish. But I wasn’t. Because I didn’t need a woman. I can always have them. And experience has thought me something: Never fall for a woman. And if you must, at least use your brain. And since then, since the day of that experience, I have never turn it against myself.

The driver arrived at the right location. And she drove me back to the airport. And to my stupid client? Well. He can continue being whatever the fuck he wanted to be. And being used by women all along? It’s his loss.

I Am Lasisi (WhatsApp: +2349155779975).

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