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Perfect Feelings

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You sat down. Knowing there’s nothing in this life that can sweat you. Not because of some super powers. But because you accept the fact. What gonna happens gonna happen. You move on. Not knowing exactly where you’re going. But you keep moving. You keep moving because there’s nothing down here stopping you. No worries. No billings. No obligations. No mortgages. No nothing. But you love. You know you love because you sometimes fall in love.

Sometimes you wonder, is it real? You don’t know. But you believe. You believe because you can feel it. And it makes you happy. Because falling in love mean you’re human. And being human mean you’re immune to feelings. And it was perfect. It was perfect because it was giving you a perfect sense of satisfaction. You don’t know why. But you love it that way.

You stood up. No point in waiting. Waiting in line for something you’re probably not going to get. And what was the perfect crime? Not killing, you can get away with that. Not rape, people do it day and night. Not even murder or rubbery, it was something you could escape. But you can’t escape feelings. Especially when you’re the one hurting yourself. Waiting and hoping for something you could not get. It is annoying.

You called your cab driver. “Hey Jersey, you free now?” She said yes! You told her to meet you at the main junction. She knew the place, because she was there last night. After about twenty five minutes, you saw her cab coming. You wave her over. She braked. Move again. And she stopped opposite where you’re staying.

“Hey man, what’s up?” She said. Asking you what was going on. You breathe in. And breathe out. “No problem,” you said. And enter the cab. You weren’t that far from her home. And then she asked you, “Do you have a girlfriend?” You didn’t know where this was coming from. But you said no. You said no because you didn’t have a girlfriend. Not because you didn’t give a shit. And not because you’re not interested in women. But because you always told the woman, “I’m not ready to settle down. And that long term relationship wasn’t your thing.” And it gives you joy. It gives you joy because those women you’ve dated ain’t complaining. Perfect feelings. A feelings that money can never buy.

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I Am Lasisi.

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