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One Sided Love

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Rajat Kandpal

One sided love, a lonely road,

A heart that beats but can’t explode,

A love that burns, but one alone,

A dream that dies before it’s grown.

The heartache of a one sided love,

A flame that flickers, not above,

A longing for a love that’s true,

A hope that fades, a heart that’s blue.

The yearning for a love to be,

A wish that’s strong but can’t be free,

A love that’s felt but not returned,

A fire that’s stoked but never burned.

The pain of loving from afar,

A wound that never leaves a scar,

A love that’s felt but never shown,

A dream that dies before it’s grown.

One sided love, a bitter pill,

A heart that aches but can’t be still,

A love that’s real but can’t be shared,

A dream that dies, a heart that’s scared.

But though the love may be in vain,

And though the heart may feel the pain,

The heart still beats, the love still burns,

And someday, maybe love returns.

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