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You Thought It Should Just Happened Suddenly. Stop Dreaming. It Won’t.

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This great piece is written by me (Mr. Lasisi of I AM LASISI .COM) and was Thinketh by me. No question about that.

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Even if it was just a woman. Or a man. Or whatever the fuck you call it. Or it was some ambitious bullshit. (You name it). Success was not something to just get. It is something you die for. Be it getting in a relationship vs meeting the right man/woman. No way! No way for it to happen suddenly. Unless you were settling for less.

Stop thinking rubbish. Stop believing what does not worth believing. Use your brain. Think. Think really really fucking fucking hard. Be stubborn.

Don’t just walk up to a goal and say, “Yeah (halfheartedly) I just want to try a little bit.” Fuck it. Be honest! Do you really want the goal or you’re just fucking around it huh? Stop all the useless tactics. Be real!

And before you started shooting me some agro-mental-bolism stupid-but-making sense message commentary. I’ve gat to warn you: have a life. You heard that right? Have fucking life.

Until we meet again…

Stay safe!


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