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Nature’s Healing Touch

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The heart that’s broken, in despair,

Finds solace in nature, so fair,

Amidst the woods, a silent prayer,

To heal the wounds that are so bare.

The trees that sway, in the wind,

A soothing balm, to the mind,

The leaves that rustle, a symphony,

To calm the heart, in agony.

The birds that chirp, in the trees,

A melody, that brings some ease,

The flowers that bloom, in the sun,

A beauty, that cannot be undone.

The river that flows, without a care,

A reminder, life goes on, beware,

The mountains that stand, so tall and strong,

An inspiration, to rise above it all.

Nature, a healer, a friend indeed,

A place to find, the strength to succeed,

To mend the heart, that’s been broken,

To find hope, in words unspoken.

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