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093aniket Gupta

God is immortal,and so do the love is…

Then why not everyone deserves it! Just because not everyone is smart or handsome or people are now more likely to make judgements..??

My inner conscience never lets me accept this fact but like everyone I never went to it’s depth..

Although according to american analysists around 70% of people get their real soulmate…,but this data doesn’t seem to be reliable to me..

If we assume it to be actually correct , then world would have been a happy place to live.

No problems like anxiety or depression would have roamed around people and definition of war would never have existed .

People were likely to live with their partners and no conspiracies between anyone would have taken place.

Then why these disturbances and wars are happening in real life?

Why divorce cases are common in today’s scenario?

 My questions may end up if I find the best reason for such problems..


Elders say everyone has a hidden talent

but can this stupid science explain that in which part of our body it is lying?They can differentiate our skin colour with the content of melanin,they can judge people in quantitative terms through their IQ but they can’t afford to judge our talent..

You all readers might think why I’m moving from love to talent …🧠

Come on guys can we make love without having talent and skills instilled in us..??

You all are talented!! and so all people including me do believe from generations..

These generous ideas given by our well wishers sometimes make me feel astonished..❣️

The irony lies itself in their thoughts.

If we really are talented then why not we are. sure about our future domain of profession??

Same goes with love..

 If making love is really our inborn talent then I should be definitely thankful to that person for giving me such satisfying words..❣️❣️


Everyone says love is in the air, but air is polluted but still we have to accept the fact that we are breathing and living in this environment full of double faced people

But still I as a college student still believe in love💞

The definition of love can’t be traced in our history books nor anyone has an exact evidence of it’s origin

 But when we look back to our young days we observe many couples who turned to be an inspiration to us

Inspiration in the sense of trust,understandings ,faith and their feelings towards each other…

Life of Romeo and Juliet is the most common example we are aware of..💗💗

I won’t lie to the fact that there are many people like me roaming here and there in this whole world to find their real soulmate..

But there is no answer to the ambiverts like me..that who will be right by your side…., your closest friend or your soulmate??

Maybe the fictional movies are likely to have different opinions and people are likely to develop some preconceived notions about love but real life is different my friend and so do the love is!

I feel like we all are merely magnets who just try to keep on attracting opposite gender..So like you. I as a young boy affected by this modern youth try to attract and seek intention of my first love rather first crush of my life.I never had felt the same like this earlier but now my time cycle has changed…

The desperation for love is turning out to be more intense.

My thoughts about her never have taken a straight path.

I keep on thinking about her even at odd times.My feelings and emotions have totally changed my perspective and have made me realised that first love is like sitting in an offline exam for first time..

I also keep on making my future goals with her which I know will not sound good to the reader .My dreams have given me a new light of beauty and happiness but I criticse them as these dreams are only restricted to the night…

I always keep wondering how despite having so much guts I couldn’t make up my mind and try to exchange our hearts♥️

My brain always restricts me to do so..

But my soul says exactly opposite.💯

Maybe she would be judgemental in her thoughts,maybe she could have expected something else or maybe her wrong perceptions has restricted her to make love..,or maybe she has already given her heart to someone..

According to me the biggest fear in an ambivert is the habit of degrading himself or herself after thinking about the other..

Most of us including me ,after seeing our crushes feel whether we look smart or not,whether she would accept our qualities or not or whether she would see our inner me or outer me..and many more..

The list of these questions never come to end…This show our poor signs of self confidence…

But after writing this I also feel like I would try to inculcate this confidence in me and my elders also say that I have enough potential to do so..

This applies to you all,my best buddies who all have potential to change their line of thoughts.✌️✌️

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