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It all started with an alarm from my clock, I had to wake up to stop that noisy ring in my ears. It was a cloudy day and I realized that no one woke up, it was weird to start a day early.

 I heard a noise; it wasn’t coming from my clock, but I had no time to think about it as I need to get ready for school. The cloudy day was getting cold and boring as I was the only one awake, I realised this a few minutes ago when I checked on my parents while I was having my breakfast, they usually wake up before the world starts. I had decided to go out for a while and was the only one out, it was dark, cold and unusual.

 I went back home thinking that sleeping for a while would get things back to how they were. It’s been an hour or more, as my clock stopped working, I had no idea how long I slept for. I came to a conclusion after a long time that this was a dream of mine and I tried to sleep again to come out of it, but that didn’t work, I rolled on my bed, but I wouldn’t fall asleep. then I heard a noise the same noise that I heard in the morning. I had nothing to do so I decided to search for the noise. I searched under my bed, in my cupboard, in the kitchen, in the fridge and even the washroom but no sign of the noise, I felt that it was my stomach but that was absurd as I just ate my fruits, so where was the noise coming from?

 I felt that it was now evening as it was getting dark. I was now hungry as I didn’t eat anything after my fruits. I was searching for snacks, but then I could hear the noise once again, it was louder than before, the noise was about to get me mad, I tried to go out but the door was locked I ran to my parents but they just happen to disappear, I thought of going to my room and sleeping for a while might get me out but my room’s door shut right on my face, it was no longer a dream but a nightmare indeed, it was getting darker and the noise was increasing I was extremely scared that my pant was to become wet, but it was time to fight my fears and search for that noise and then it struck me that I had forgotten to check on one place the basement. I had rushed downstairs but my hand was not in control to turn the door knob, but I managed to do it and I went in, there was a glowing bulb and underneath it was a bowl with an ancient script inscribed on it, it also had a lid on it with the same script inscribed, I tried to touch it but the noise was back it was coming from the bowl, it was getting louder and louder I knew that if I would open it I might come out of this nightmare but the noise was pulling me back it was increasing as I get closer to the bowl, I used all my might and opened the lid, but the noise didn’t stop it was unbearable, there was a black liquid in the bowl, and was moving, I could do nothing at this point, the noise was increasing and I am getting mad, my ears started to bleed, but this is not the end, I used all my energy and threw the bowl, before it touched the ground I fell down unconscious I could see nothing but darkness.

 I heard a noise and woke up, I was on my bed happier than ever that I finally came out of that nightmare, I rushed to meet my parents, but they were sleeping. I felt I woke up early so I went out for a walk, it was cloudy and cold. After a long walk I was hungry, so I decided to go home.

 I went back home, my parents were still asleep, I went to the kitchen and then I heard a noise the same noise  which was coming from the bowl in my nightmare and that is when I realised that I was still in the same dream.


Author’s name- V.Anshu         



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