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Love, the greatest strength, and the biggest fear…

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Her eyes, her smile, her madness, her sadness, her inner fears. The pain, the gain, the relief. She gives me hope, in a life I lost faith it would ever reveal, any good intensions for me. She enlightens my darkest days, opens my greatest fears. I keep holding on to something, that's to deep to become real. My anger, my madness, my sadness, my fears, all hidden behind my tears. That fear of death, I've never felt, the fear of missing out on becoming a better version of me. All my goals and beliefs, my dreams, my sleepless nights with my thoughts, has never been that clear. Every time I feel like giving up, the sound of her reminds me of what is real. Love is something that not only we feel, it's an inner strength, a pain yet to be revealed. It's something worth living for, yet dying for, the only thing that is real. Her eyes gives me hope, something I never had to feel. As life keeps threatening me, happiness abandoned me way too long that I don't even know how to even feel. That smile on her face, fulfills my wounds, reminds me of what is real...

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