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Ones who always have your back,

Puts your mind at ease, when you are blank.

You may not get the pen that you lent,

But they will come back for you, like a boomerang.

Adding colours to your life is their job,

Annoying and irritating is a part of it which will never stop.

You are known for the company you keep,

No wonder silent waters run deep.

Action speaks more than words,

Good memories with them never blur.

Fake friends love to see you fall,

But real friends have your back, even if the problem is small.

Support and motivation is immeasurable,

Having them beside is treasurable.

Our hearts are close even if we are far apart,

It’s just like heaven, we are one heart.

Dhruvi PatelLast Seen: Mar 4, 2023 @ 12:26pm 12MarUTC

Dhruvi Patel


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