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Groups of People: 200+ Useful Collective Nouns for People 77.2k SHARES

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Groups of People Examples

Learn collective nouns for people – different groups of people in English (group synonym) with example sentences.

A band of men

A band of men here, known as the Islamists, took matters into their own hands last fall.

A band of musicians

A band of musicians has made this function romantic.

A band of soldiers

A few minutes later, a band of soldiers came up, and an officer, hearing the priests speaking a foreign language, drew his sword and hysterically asked who they were.

A bench of judges

After all, she got the job after leading a bench of judges in 2010 that handedly backed Mr Rajapaksa’s reworking of the constitution.

A bench of magistrates

Within a few years settlers numbers increased greatly and before 1850 a local bench of magistrates and a place for holding petty sessions was established.

A bevy of beauties

Flanked by a bevy of beauties and cheered by thousands of fans, Stern and his retinue of strippers handed out free boom boxes and satellite radio subscriptions.

A bevy of girls

A bevy of girls were picking tea on the hillside.

A bevy of writers

She was one of a bevy of writers singing at the celebration.

A board of directors

The company is run by a board of directors.

A board of trustees

The management of the foundation is vested in a board of trustees.

A body of men

I can command a body of men in a rough way, but I am not fit to be President.

A bunch of crooks

These politicians are just a bunch of crooks.

A caravan of travelers

One night a caravan of travelers from a distant land arrives and passes through the village.

A choir of singers

At the opening of the museum last week, Queen Sofia of Spain was greeted by a choir of singers and folkloric Basque music.

A circle of friends

She had a circle of friends in whom she confided sparingly.

A class of students

He was the first to appoint a faculty and admit a class of students.

A crew of sailors

He usually preferred to train up a crew of sailors from scratch.

A crowd of people

There was a crowd of people in front of the town hall.

A flock of tourists

A flock of tourists come to India every year to see the India heritages.

A gang of criminals

I know the leader of well-known gang of criminals.

A gang of laborers

In the silver mines at Laurium, in ancient Greece, the master miner commanded three gangs of laborers.

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