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Biren Ghosh stays at home a little more these days. Looking at the condition of his wife’s body, he could no longer avoid the responsibility of managing the family.His wife Sulekha has been suffering from tuberculosis for ten months. The doctor said that the chances are not good but Mr. Ghosh made the last attempt.Wife passed away 2 months ago. Biren Babu started working in the office again. One day suddenly a letter from his childhood friend Naren Chatterjee came from Thakurpukur in Kolkata. Written in the letter, “I am Noren. It has been several days and the body is not holding it well. Many borrowers remain in arrears. The last wish was to see you once. Hope you are well. When you get time come once in a while.”

After receiving a letter from a friend Ghosh Babu He left for his friend’s residence with his only friend aka office worker, Vishwanath. It will take about a day to go by train to Kolkata. Reached friend’s house. A adult lady come down from the worn stairs. She wore a red saree, her The tip of the forehead is just as red as the sun, her big bun, nupur on her feet, which shakes the entire house with a tumultuous sound. She came down with a candle and said softly come up. They met Naren’s wife, Kiranmayi. Although at first they were wrong to understand because of Kiranmayi’s brightness, her age will not be more than 25-30. Biren Babu Asked how Naren is? Kiranmayi told Same as before, no change, now sleeping. Kiranmayi took them to Naren’s house, where he lay on a cot, his face and eyes barely visible in the dim lamplight. Showing them Naren’s room, she went to the kitchen. Though she gets married at a young age is a perfect housewife. She quickly prepared for the guests, luchi, alu kabli, payes. 

On the other hand, it is not clear what Naren is saying in his sleep. Ghosh Babu called, Naren, I have come, Naren opened his eyes and said you came. Naren and Viren are same age. They are friends from school days. Then the work pressure or the responsibilities of the family increased this distance. Then they meet for the first time. 

Today he found his friend and cried, “Father and grandfather have brought such a young woman as a wife of the house again in this state of my body. I know I abuse her a lot but she doesn’t say anything, A girl from a poor house, brought up by her uncle, can survive if she can get married. I got married under family pressure. Sometimes I think she has no one in this world without me! Till today I could not give her any happiness, though she did not ask. Now you have come, I can die in peace, look after her like a sister. Keep the friendship, don’t cut off the communication.” With this he let out a long sigh. 

Now Kiranmayi came and said, “food is ready, come to eat and gather again”.  Then she said that the doctor said that Naren’s thin body, frequent cough, not eating, all these are early signs of tuberculosis. Naren can’t do any work, he spends his days with whatever property left by his forefather. Rough temper due to illness, almost every time he abuses his young wife. Although he knew that he does not do anything less for him. 

Doctor Gautam Bhattacharjee comes every day as usual but can’t decide whether to treat or not.

 Naren died. Ghosh Babu was surprised to see that there was no water in the eyes of his young widowed wife Kiranmayi. In this direction, in the last 3-4 months Kiranmayi has developed a little fondness for Biren Babu though Ghosh Babu knew this but he is a man of wife lover, he never ever cross his limit. So he and Viswanathan left Kolkata immediately after the funeral. And told kiranmayi that she is like his sister, he will always stay with her in every difficult situation. From then Kiranmayi stays alone in her home. That lady who never find love from her old age husband, who never give her any physical happiness; the doctor who raped her in exchange of her husband’s treatment, but she never told it anybody. And now when she opens her heart for the first time to Ghosh Babu, he rejected her. So she decides to give up her life and she do that. Biren Babu asked himself, did he do anything wrong? 

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