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References: The Supreme Yoga book by Swami Vekatesananda.

  • In this world, whatever is gained is only by self-effort. Self-effort is that mental, verbal and physical action which is in accordance with the instructions of a holy person well versed in the scriptures. It is only by such effort that Indra became king of heaven, the Brahma became the creator.
  • Fate is none other than self-effort of a past incarnation.
  • There is no power greater than right action in the present. Therefore, one should overcome fate by present effort. The present is infinitely more potent than the past.
  • Do not grieve over inevitable loss. If such grief is justified, why should we not weep daily over the inevitability of death?
  • Wise man should know what is capable of attainment by self-effort and what is not.
  • Self-effort has three fold root: knowledge of scriptures, instructions of the preceptor and one’s own effort and three fold fruit: an inner awakening in the intelligence, a decision in the mind and the physical action
  • You are indeed consciousness yourself, not inert physical matter. You are not impelled to action by anything other than yourself. Persistently tread the path that leads to eternal good.
  • In this world, except for corpse, everything is active and such activity yields its appropriate result. Hence, renounce fatalism and apply yourself to self-effort.

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