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Rajasthan : Love for Lakes | Day 4

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I was the one who was very excited to explore this city of lakes- Udaipur. Actually the reason I was so excited because one of my friend just completed his Rajasthan tour and showed me the pictures he clicked on his whole trip.   I was very impressed to see the beauty of Udaipur. We just headed out to the City Palace after having our breakfast. City Palace was a huge piece of art. It was so full of history. In the front of City Palace there was a beautiful lake named ‘Pichola Lake’ with the 5-star hotel ‘TAJ’ in between the lake, as if the whole building was floating on the lake. We captured very beautiful sceneries there. It was worth going there. On entering the City Palace, we could see a huge gate which leaded to a dining hall for which only the royals were allowed, who lived there. There was an enterance alongside the gate which leaded to beautiful art structures and a museum. The enterance fee for the City Palace was just Rs100 per head. As we were 12, we paid Rs1200. It was worth paying this amount for seeing the art of the ancient empires. Inside the City Palace, we could see a large collection of Royal Cars. There were so many cars, even more than 100. The museum was perfect one for the history lovers. The enterance fee for the museum was quite high. But, as I said museum is also worth for glorifying history. After exiting City Palace, we just went around the Pichola Lake. There were many restaurants alongside the lake which were too expensive. We asked for the price of tea, they said it is Rs250 per cup. I know you will not believe, but this is the reality. We only had 3 glasses of juice which was Rs 650 per glass. We just ran out of the restaurant. Alongside the lake, there were many telescopes set up by the locals to see far-away places. It was just Rs20 per person. After just eating bhel puri and all stuff from side stalls, we headed out for a boat ride of Pichola lake. We also went inside the TAJ HOTEL. It was really magnificient. The boat ride only cost us Rs150 per person. It was also worth it. After all this, we headed out for some shopping in Udaipur. Bargaining in Udaipur is easy. You should bargain. There was also a small fair happening in an open ground. Near this fair, there was a round-about. I was really very shocked to see that they had built a very small lake for boat ride on the round-about. We just had a lot of fun doing a boat ride there. The ticket for one boat was just Rs120 for 30-minutes. It was really a great fun. Many game and eatable stalls were put up. We ate a lot of traditional Rajasthani dishes there. Then we just around 9:30pm headed towards our hotel. As everyone was tired and the stomach was full, we just slept. There services were awesime

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