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EARTH – a house we all share

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A blue ball floating in the void, A world that we call home. 

A planet rich in life and joy, That we should cherish and roam.

From soaring mountains to deepest seas, Our Earth is a treasure trove.

A wonderland of biodiversity, That we all need to love.

The air we breathe, the water we drink, All come from our blue abode.

We must protect and never shrink, From the task of being its humble ward.

But we’ve not always been the best, Our actions have caused great harm.

The damage done, we must address, And protect it from further alarm.

Our planet is our only home, A precious gem in space.

Let us all work to let it roam, In its full glory and grace.

So let us pledge to do our part, To care for our earthly sphere.

To heal its wounds and soothe its heart, And to love it, year after year.

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