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Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate became known for his tweets about the sexual abuse cases involving Harvey Weinstein. He also stated that those who suffered from sexual harassment should share the blame for their actions. In 2017, he made a statement about depression that was widely criticised. Tate’s accounts were suspended multiple times. In 2021, one of his accounts was mistakenly verified by Twitter, which he had created to avoid his previous ban. The account was then permanently deleted. Twitter claimed that the mistake was made due to an error, and the account had been promoted with a link.

Tate was first known as a far-right figure online due to his appearances on various right-wing sites, such as InfoWars and Jack Posobiec.He was described by The Independent’s Rabbil Sikdar as a cult-like figure who is known for his anti-feminist views. Tate has called himself a misogynist and a sexist, and he has stated that women are merely “long for the man” and that if they accused him of being an unfaithful husband, he would attack them with a machete. The White Ribbon Campaign, which is an organization that fights against male-on-male violence, considers his statements to be extremely misogynistic.#cite_note-32">[31] Hope Not Hate, an activist group that fights against fascism and racism, criticized Tate’s social media presence,#cite_note-33">[32] saying it could encourage the far-right audience to follow him. In response, Tate noted that his content mainly focuses on teaching his followers how to avoid being toxic and low-value individuals.#cite_note-34">[33]#cite_note-35">[34]

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