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The Daring Journey

Love is like a fish in the sea,

Swimming gracefully, wild and free.

It moves with ease, through the tides,

With a beauty that none can hide.

But love, oh love, it is not just a swim,

It faces struggles that test its limit.

Storms may rage and waves may crash,

And love may feel like it’s drowning fast.

But still, love survives,

It finds its way and thrives.

Like a fish that knows the ocean’s ways,

It fights through challenges, with grace and bravery.

For love demands a selfless sacrifice,

A giving of oneself, without a price.

It means putting someone else before you,

And seeing their joy and happiness come shining through.

And just like a fish, love will find its way,

Back to the safety of the bay,

To a place of comfort, peace, and bliss,

Where love can swim in endless happiness.

So hold on tight, to this love you’ve found,

And let it guide you through the waves and the sounds,

For it will take you to the depths of the sea,

And fill your life with love, mystery, and beauty.

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