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“The Secret Garden of Thoughts”

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Garvit Rastogi

In the depths of our mind, there’s a hidden garden so rare
A place where our thoughts, can bloom and repair
Its walls are adorned, with the petals of dreams
And in its stillness, peace and calm it brings.

The garden is a refuge, from the noise of the world
A place where our worries, are unfurled
Its flowers are a symbol, of the beauty within
And in their fragrance, our soul begins to grin.

The secret garden of thoughts, is a place of mystery
A place where our mind, is set free
From the constraints of life, and the burdens we bear
And in its stillness, we find solace and care.

Its paths are lined, with memories of the past
Its flowers bloom, with the love that will last
And in its serenity, we find a new dawn
And in its beauty, our spirit is reborn.

So let us enter, the secret garden of thoughts
And let its peace, be what we’ve sought
For in its stillness, we’ll find our true self
And in its beauty, our soul will be felt.

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