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It is often thought that starting a business requires considerable capital investment and a large budget, however there are many creative business concepts that can be kick-started with limited financial resources. Here are 10 business ideas that require minimal investment.

First, there’s a handyman service business. This is a great way to start a business without the need for a large bankroll. With no materials or hardware needed, those with minor construction and repair skills can establish their own business. All that is required to get set up is a vehicle and some professional advertising.

Second, home interior design can be launched with minimal resources. Businesses offering interior design can be started without the need for material expenses. With the aid of a laptop, marketing materials, and a mobile phone, one can start a business offering virtual interior design services.

Third, an online tutor business is a viable concept to start without too much investment. This business requires only a computer, reliable internet, and proficient market savvy. Through online marketing, one can offer academic tutoring services to help students in their designated field.

Fourth, a cleaning service business can be opened without the need for large capital investment. This business requires minimal supplies and minimal effort to acquire customers. For those with an attention to detail and knowledge of cleaning products, a cleaning service can be a great low-cost business venture.

Fifth, pet sitting and dog walking is a great business idea to start with little to no money. With small investments in equipment and marketing materials, one can provide services to their local community.

Sixth, a virtual assistant business is an inexpensive business idea that can be launched from home. A virtual assistant business does not require any financial investment, only an office computing setup and internet access. With a bit of innovative marketing, a virtual assistant business can be launched successfully.

Seventh, there’s a blog or website offering advice or products. All one needs to start a blog or website is a computer, internet connection, creativity, and a bit of marketing. Blogging and website development can also become profitable quickly as one gains traction and increases their blog/website audience.

Eighth, an event planner is a business that requires very little to get it off the ground. An understanding of aesthetics and an artistic eye is important for success in this business, and the need for an office space is optional.

Ninth, a babysitting business requires little investment to get started. Potential babysitters should invest in necessary safety precautions such as CPR training and first aid kits, but the need to invest in materials or supplies is minimal.

Lastly, a photography business can be launched with minimal costs. For those with an eye for aesthetics and a mastery of the camera, a photography business can be started without extensive financial investments. All that is needed is a camera and a marketing strategy.

In summary, there are many business ideas that do not require extensive expense… 

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