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Colours are needed for a joyful life,

Without it, there is no drive to be alive.

During my third and the start of my fourth,

I was happy back and forth.

But the problem started during my fifth,

I had to study at home herewith.

I lost contact with my colourful life,

For colours I had to strive.

My life became white and black,

Just like an old television long back.

Who knew after how long I would get back my pink, blue and red?

But as a wise person said,

Things will come to those who wait.

So, I just waited for it, mate!

I prayed and prayed

And a promise I made.

That no matter what I will never lose my calm,

And I waited for long.

God finally listened to my words,

And reopened my chance to see my school board.

I now have the drive to be alive,

And am living a joyful life.Colours

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