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Demonstrative Adjectives: All You Need to Know about Demonstrative Adjective

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Demonstrative Adjectives

What Are Demonstrative Adjectives?

How to use demonstrative adjectives and pronouns in English? When a noun or nouns need to be identified, especially in a spatial or positional context, a demonstrative adjective is used.

In English grammar, thisthatthese, and those are demonstrative adjectives.

For example:

  • This train conveys passengers to London.
  • I think that book is mine.
  • These cakes are very quick and easy to make.
  • Let me give you a hand with those bags.

This & That

This and that are used with singular nouns.

For example:

  • this apple
  • that table

This is used with someone or something near the speaker.

For example:

  • This car is cheap.

That is used with someone or something far from the speaker.

For example:

  • That man irritates me!

These & Those

These and those are used with plural nouns.

For example:

  • These boys
  • Those books

These to indicate someone or something near the speaker.

For example:

  • These shoes need to be repaired.

Those to indicate someone or something far from the speaker.

For example:

  • Do you need any help with those boxes?

Demonstrative Adjectives vs. Demonstrative Pronouns

In English grammar, the demonstrative pronouns are also thisthatthese, and those. However, they do not modify nouns or pronouns as demonstrative adjectives.

For example:

  • This is a course in mechanics.
  • That‘s a nice dress.
  • These are great shoes for muddy weather.
  • I’m not joking. Those were his actual words.
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