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The Story Of A Son And His Father

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       The father and a son’s relation is a different kind of relation. Because there is too much affection, love, anger and friendship relation between them. So without any late lets start the story.

        The story which I am going to write is about myself. I have a small family consists of me, my father and my mother. When I was about 6 years of old then my father had decided to live in a city area for my better study. Because at that time no schools were available in our village. Though our financial condition is not that much good to live in a city but somehow for my better study we came to that city and started living in a rented house. Then I also got admission in a good school. Then I completed my seventh class in that school and I got admission in high school. After three years I had passed my matriculation exam.

        After my matriculation My father decided that I will study in a residential college. As you all know, that the course fees of a residential college is too much. But my father said he will manage it. So I also studied in that college and passed the 12th exam.

       At the time of my 12th study my father also started the construction of our new house. Because every person has a dream to build his house. After my 12th it’s the time for my graduation study. My father said me to study engineering. He never compromised my study with his financial condition. Then I got admission in an engineering college.

      When I was studying in 12th I didn’t know about our financial condition because my father fulfilled almost all of our wishes. But when I started to study my engineering I got to know about our financial condition from an incident. Once I had asked him that I want to buy a laptop. But he denied for that by said I can’t give you laptop now. So I got angry on him and said why you had told me to study engineering if you can’t give me a laptop. And I had also stopped talking with him. After some days my mother called me and said your father had sent money to your account to buy the laptop. Then I got very happy and bought the laptop.

       After that one day my father came to my hostel to meet me. Then I saw that he was wearing my old shoe. Then I asked my father why you were wearing these shoes as these are torn. Then said it’s ok and I am saving money for you study. After some time he was about to leave and gave me some money for my expenditure. He said me to maintain your health and study well and then he went from my hostel.

      After my semester exam, I came to my home. I was enjoying my holidays. Then one day I got to know about the personal loan my father brought for my study. One side our house construction was also ongoing and the other side my study. I got very sad to know the financial condition of our family and thought how my father was managing this. I also remembered that incident when my father came to my hostel by wearing the torn shoes and the words which I had said to my father for buying the laptop. So I went to my father to apologize for that incident. When I said him sorry for that incident, he said you are my son and it’s my duty to provide you all things for your better life and said I didn’t took that incident seriously. So there is no need to worry about these small things and focus only on your study.

      Really he had sacrificed every joy of his life for me. He also said me one thing that, you will know about all this when you become a father. Atlast I wan’t say that, many problems will come and go but to handle those problems we have to remember our father’s sacrifice.

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