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A Needle at an Haystack, or that’s What it is in this Era

Born in this world with a vast amount of curiosity in mind, learned a lot of things about what to keep (and what to avoid). I learned from the people who valued me because they gave me a puzzle piece, courtesy of their own experience. as I strive through life, my curiosity led me to places that have relevance and are crucial to how I will live as a useful individual. And when I tried to step up as one, I discovered that it is not how it works, because every time you offer your puzzle piece comes with uncertainty if they will cherish it as much as I did. 

Knowledge can be a power, expressing an experience to inspire people may be a simple achievement, but it’ll go challenge you to higher peaks, just to see if you’re still keeping the very same lesson you provided to those whom you hoped will see there is such thing as “continuous improvement”.

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