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I think India in 2030 will be a wonderful country if the citizens take the initiative to develop the country. I imagine the people to love nature and encourage each other to make this country better! In 2030, I see people working together, helping each other in teams, kind and humble hearts with pure souls. It might seem impossible, but I heard teachers say, “Nothing is impossible dear, we just didn’t find the solutions yet.” The robots clean each and every part of the city and are designed by Indian scientists. Many and many inventions are invented by the Indians, who are really very proud to say. Innovative measures are taken for the cleanliness of India, like keeping specific dustbins for specific materials like plastic, etc and the buildings made to stand still and withstand earthquakes, floods, etc. The doctors who save lives instead of holding too much money.

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The people know what’s right to eat and what’s not as to keep themselves healthy and fit to run a peaceful life. The birds are not locked up in cages and set free as the symbol of freedom in India. Even if Corona would not run  in 2030 they still check for viruses to avoid a big pandemic again. Child Labor reduce due to educational facilities that are then opened. Everyone in 2030 is getting a chance to study until the age of 18. Industrial wastes are reduced and doesn’t cause water pollution by “Proper Treatment of Industrial Waste”, “Choosing the Industrial Right Site” and many more measures. There is an improvement in collecting water for the future. Reducing harassment and etc as to ensure the safety of woman by 24/7 hrs of CCTV camera all around the world and securities who watch CCTV live over shifts. India producing 50% of its energy need through non-fossil fuels. Electric to Solar Evolution like solar bikes. These are the few things that I imagine and want them to happen. All these things will make the India a better country!


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