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When I Was a Kid

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When I Was a Kid

When I was a kid, the world was a great expanse of joy,

A playground where I could find a release from all the noise,

 A sanctuary in which I could explore every corner of my life,

Fully embracing the freedom that arose with ‘not having a wife.

 The laughter and the play, the curiosity and sheer delight,

 The search for all that I could find, a pressure to always take flight,

 All contributing to that childhood emotion so rare and sweet,

Which still swims around my memories, lingering on a summer’s heat.

My little body running, discovering dreams I hadn’t reached,

Playing with my friends, no doubt of them, screaming in the streets,

 Mud pies, cardboard castles, tree-climbing, rope-skipping, no fuss,

 The everyday was a carnival ride and I was the conductor, just because.

 The butterflies and the angels have never disappeared from my sight,

 Though schoolwork and responsibilities have clouded my inner-light,

 The days of my childhood were replete with moments rich and rare,

And life wanted nothing more of me than that I should show ’em I care.

My dreams will never dull, the glitters of yesteryear,

I’ll always be ready to defend that which I hold so dear.

The feelings still linger, I’m so glad I can recall,

That sweet bliss of being a kid, with it’s fun, both big and small.

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