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10 Male Facts

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1.Male Facts:

3 things to happen to a man when he starts to fall in love. 

1.He starts having Obsessions, you are the only thing on his mind.

2.when you walk in the room nothing else matters

3.He can’t stop talking about you, because you are completely submerged in his.

2.Male fact:

If a guy does this, you have no idea how much you mean to him..

When you both are talking and he randomly starts smiling at you..

3. Male Facts:

When a man has genuine feelings for a girl..

Making love to her is not the first thing on his mind…

4.Male fact:

Reason why he is loving you privately..

He does not want to lose his option or chances with other women..

5.Male facts:

When a guy spots a girl he finds attractive..

He holds his gaze for about 8.1 seconds. 

6. Male Facts:

Girls, if you catch a boy staring into your eyes..

He is not just staring at you.

He is lost in admiring the fact that he has the world in front of him..

7.Male fact:

If a guy really wants you..

He is not going to give another man the opportunity to get you..

8. Male Facts:

Psychology says, when a man flirts with a girl he likes..

His voice tone changes, his heart beat is faster and his palms get sweaty..

9.Male fact:

How to know if a boy likes you…

He makes fun of you.

When you smile at him, he does not smile back..

He gets jealous when you talk to other boys.

When he looks at you then you look back he pretends he was not looking at you..

10.Male fact:

When a man hugs you while you are sleeping…

At that moment, he is wishing you’d belong to him forever. 

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