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Be the change – a poem

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Sharath Ravi

Should I laugh out loud, or mourn at the world we have come.
Where the phones are smart, the humans are dumb. 
Where to prejudice and fakeness, we all succumb 

The Hindus want their temple there, the Muslims too want their shrine.
An orphanage, a hospital, a school for all, did this thought ever cross anyone’s mind?
But why you ask, it’s our culture, traditions our ancestors drew,
Isn’t everything else fake, the religion I believe in, is only true.

A woman is raped, beaten and set ablaze
We’ll fight for justice, but first let’s determine her caste, creed and race. 
Respect for all, education and morals, are old fashioned and pale,
Put up a status, change your display picture, or you are anti-national, must go to jail.

Marriage is made in heaven they say, a perfect jodi is decided by God,
But find solace in someone of a different race, and we decide your fate with a sword.
Affection, comfort and compatibility are there for formality,
Priority is but, a hopeless effort to please the society. 

Amazon catches fire, animals go endangered
Ganga is in ruins, human greed leave precious creatures in beguilement
But isn’t air conditioning our birth right? water is plenty, can’t run out right?
Cleanliness, wildlife, climate change, it’s all the responsibility of the government

And while I rant, I criticize. Make no mistake to consider me a saint
I’m just another culprit, a product of the system, Mistakes I indict others for, I am accused of the same.
And while I hope for a better future, beautiful and strange.
I realize it starts with me, I am the change !!

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