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Forgive me, Will you?

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Couple of lines might seem similar. The poem in totality is my own

When everyone plays the game of he loves me, he loves me not
I play he forgives forgives me not

What do I say when I face you, does I'm sorry cut it anymore
But I am though, I am sorry that I broke your heart
I believed it was the right thing, probably the right thing for me
Believe me when I say this
I am not the monster everyone think I am
I am just who I am
l love, I care

I hope you find the love you need and deserve soon
There is nothing I wish more
Just always wishing the best for you

I hope there comes a day where you can see me and think we had good times
That I didn't play you
I hope you loved me enough, respect me enough to hold all the secrets we held

I hope that you find your one someday and be tell me all about it

After all this
I hope the next time I play the game , it lands on he forgives me
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