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Never Together

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Some of these beautiful quotes in the description were taken from Tumblr. But yeah, the poem is originally mine and only mine.

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Why was it so difficult?

Why was it so difficult to stop being yours,

even when I never really was yours?

Why was it so difficult to not fall for you?

The closer I got to you,

The deeper and deeper I fell for you,

And the deeper and deeper you fell for me.


the deeper we fell into each other,

It got more and more difficult

To pull away,

To let go.

Even though,

It was even more difficult to stay together,

No, not just difficult,

It was impossible,

Togetherness was out of question.

You were so engrave within me,

within the blanket of my soul,

that pulling out would make my soul  come out.

But exceptions were out of question.

Love was out of question

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