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Until we perish! #lovepoetry #love #relationships #poems

Gloria Penelope

8th June 2024 | 4 Views

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Only a border between us.

But I know you adore me.

We’ll meet again. 

As we always do.

You’re always in my thoughts. 

I dream about you.

You’ve got my image in mind.

When you call, everything feels real.

As if you were here, next to me.

My love for you is inexplicable.

It’s also unmeasurable.

I just love you.

Despite the distance between us,

I hope and believe that someday

We shall overcome it.

and live together in one house.

Being together will happen shortly.

You are the brightness of my day. 

You have my heart in your palms.

You bring out my smile.

Each time you call me.

Keep in mind that you will not be replaced.

Forever, you will be my wife

until we perish!

Gloria Penelope



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