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What are Secure Server Decommissioning Services? (2024)


7th June 2024 | 2 Views

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Concerned about shutting down a server? Read up on secure server decommissioning services and how it benefits businesses. Consider things like the cost and process of decommissioning so you know what to do.

It can be difficult removing parts of your system. If done wrong, they can expose it to being hacked. In this world, where 61% of businesses have been attacked by cyber criminals, it would be foolish to leave risks open.


At IT Recycling Solutions, we’ve seen clients who believe turning off servers is enough but it’s not. As an MSP we have dealt with many servers over time and have done server maintenance or server replacement for clients to do electronics recycling in Washington DC.

Choosing servers is not easy as there are many things that one should know. That’s why we are listing three facts about server decommissioning that we think business owners should know for environmentally responsible e-waste disposal. These facts will make the entire process easier for clients and also help in avoiding mistakes.

Here are those facts:

  1. Improperly disconnected servers can leave security gaps within your network.
  2. Decommissioning a server usually takes around three weeks or more.
  3. Server decommissioning is part of the IT network life cycle.

Let’s discuss them in detail! Keep reading!

  • Improperly Disconnected Servers can Leave Security Gaps within your Network.

Make the server eliminate all traces from your system. Doing so will ensure you do not have security problems that hackers can exploit.

If you run a technology-dependent business, hackers will undoubtedly attack you, and one method to protect yourself is to avoid any open ends in your network and electronic waste disposal near Ashburn, VA.

  • Decommissioning a Server usually Takes Around Three Weeks or More.

If you’ve got a relatively easy network, the whole process of shutting it down may take about two to three weeks. But if you’re going to move to another server, it’s better to plan more time for Loudoun county electronics recycling.

Peter Swarowski, ITS’ Director of Operations, said people usually shut their servers down when they want to upgrade them. So getting a new one is something else you should think about doing.

With the computer supply chain struggling, there have been shortages of everything from laptops and monitors to chips and graphics cards — the entire process could take months.

  • Server Decommissioning is Part of the IT Network Life Cycle

Equipment upgrades remain the most popular reason behind IT installation and decommission for the federal government Washington D.C because improvements on technology are continuous while hardware cannot last forever (although sometimes we wish it could).


Keep in mind that server decommissioning refers to removing a server from an IT network but this must be done with great care since failing can bring about network issues or else create entry points into your system for attackers. Therefore, it is utmost important for IT equipment recycling for government agencies and other business owners.


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