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‘Money isn’t everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen.’


7th June 2024 | 2 Views

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Hey everyone, it’s deep here. Remember the days when money was just fun? That new gadget everyone wanted, a great vacation, maybe a fancy pair of shoes? Now, in 2024, forget all that. Money is no longer a fancy car, it is like air. You have to get it or you’re out of luck.

The world’s gone a little crazy, you know? Climate change took a big bite out of everything, resources became really scarce and big business took over like a weed in a flower pot. Food now comes from fancy labs, water tastes like yesterday’s gym socks (gross!) and even walking on clean streets costs honor. Crazy, right?

We all have those little implants behind our ears like little glowing eyes. Credit scorers call them. Flashes green when you’re good, red when you’re low. That red light? It’s like someone puts a plastic bag over your head and very slowly tightens it. Talk about anxiety!

My job? It looks at screens all day, enters data. Pays the bills, barely. My apartment is the size of a closet, smells like old socks and recycled air (because, you guessed it, clean air costs money). Every bite of that tasteless snack, every sip of recycled water takes a portion of my income. It is a constant concern, like a heaviness in the chest. You see other people on the street, their counters flashing red, their faces pale, their eyes hollow. They are stuffy, the ones who can’t afford basic things. It makes you realize how important the green light on your counter is.

“A penny saved is a penny earned,” said my grandmother. Back then it meant saving money for something fun. A penny saved now means a new lease of life, another day when you can walk on clean streets. It’s quite confusing, isn’t it?

Then there are the credit barons, rich people who live in luxurious domes. Fresh air comes right in, as if you were breathing out of a straw attached to a tropical island. They can’t even see Breathless, not really. They just zoom by in their shiny cars and breathe easy while the rest of us gobble up the leftovers. It makes you want to shout, “Hey! We all need to breathe here!”

But let’s talk about fighting people, whispers of the Free Spirits. They are like Robin Hood with the computer, hacking for big companies and trying to smooth things over a bit. They are a ray of hope in this stifling city, that’s for sure.

However, joining them is risky. Falling for corporate scammers means losing credit and being cut off from everything. It’s like knocking the air tanks out of the store  good luck holding your breath forever.

But something has to change, right? We can’t live like this out of fear of taking too deep a breath because it could cost you your credit. Food, water, air  these should be basic rights, not things you have to pay for like a concert ticket!

Now we’re talking about rooftop gardens, people who grow their own food and share what they get. This is the beginning, a small green shoot poking through the concrete. Maybe, just maybe, we can get out of this money cage. Build a city where everyone has a chance, not just rich people with fancy planes.

This is our city and we deserve better. We deserve a breath of fresh air, not a plastic bag over our heads. We deserve to live without constantly worrying about the next loan. Let’s fight for a future where money doesn’t take the air right out of our lungs. Let’s make money a tool, not a death sentence. Let’s breathe easy again. After all, as Benjamin Franklin once said, “Money isn’t everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen.” And in this town, it seems quite true..

Deependra Yadav



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