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What You Need to Know About Same-day Crowns in Dental Office


6th June 2024 | 1 Views

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Dental CrownSame-day crowns also called CEREC crowns are similar to traditional crowns. Although identical to conventional crowns, these can easily be made in under two hours. On the other hand, traditional crowns take more than about two weeks to be created in a dental office.

If you are thinking of getting a dental crown and wondering whether to go for a traditional dental crown or a same-day crown, this article is for you.

How are the Same Day Crowns Made in a Dental Office?

Unlike traditional crowns, same-day crowns are made with the help of an in-office process through computerized technology. Once your teeth are treated, prepared, and reshaped, the process usually begins. In the beginning, your dentist will use a computerized program to create a custom digital impression of your mouth. After this, the impression will be sent to an in-office milling machine to carve a crown from a ceramic block.

The best part about same-day crowns is that you can restore your teeth and make them fully functional in just one appointment at a dental office.

What Are the Pros of Same-Day Crowns?

Same-day crowns offer various advantages:

1.  Look More Natural Dental Crowns

Since these dental crowns are made on the same day with a computer system, these dental crowns appear more natural. The computerized system is accurate enough to capture even the smallest crevices and shape variances in your teeth. Unlike traditional crowns, which use a mould at a dental office, same-day dental crowns utilize advanced technology for a natural appearance and feel.”

2.  These Have a Quicker Turnaround

You no longer have to wait for weeks to get your crown fitted. Moreover, you also do not require a temporary crown when same-day crowns provide you with ease to walk out of the dental office with a permanent crown in just one go.

3.  Cost-Effective

Although traditional and same-day crowns cost mostly the same, same-day crowns are less expensive in the long run. These crowns save you from having to pay for a temporary crown and an extra appointment to place the permanent one. Moreover, since these provide a better fit, they also last longer than traditional ones.

4.  It Protects Your Natural Tooth

Both traditional and same-day crowns are used to protect your natural tooth underneath from damage and decay. Since, however, same-day crowns are permanent crowns right away, a temporary crown may not be needed.

What are the Cons of Same Day Crowns?

Although popular and usually preferred by patients, these also have certain disadvantages, such as:

1.  Only Made from Ceramic

The milling machine that makes same-day crowns only works with ceramic material. Hence, you only get one type of crown within the CEREC system. Some patients may prefer metal or porcelain fused with a metal for additional durability. If you have such preferences, you should go for traditional crowns.

2.  Unable to Detect Gum line Fractures

The major drawback of these crowns is that the computerized system is unable to make an accurate impression of any damage below the gum line. If such is the case, a traditional crown may be a suitable option for you.

To Sum It Up

Both traditional and same-day crowns are great for protecting your teeth. While traditional crowns take a little longer up to 2-3 weeks, same-day crowns can be made and fit on the same day. The advanced computerized system ensures that the crown is perfectly made and fitted to your tooth.

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