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                ABOUT STEVE JOBS                          

The real time apple phone finder, Steve Jobs, A charismatic revolutionary innovator; true strategic personality. Got some of the unusual characters.

It all a household story Steve Jobs named the company apple because he liked the fruit. Yes! he he indeed followed his fruitarian diet.

       Three dark sides of Steve Jobs 

1) The one time legend, Steve Jobs was widely hated at apple. Senior Management had to endure his temper tantrums, he created resentment among employees by turning some into stars and insulting others, often reducing them to tears.

[Steve Jobs was engulfed with anger issues, and he hates! most of the employees].  

2) Early 2001 Steve Jobs made it know to the public apple money is not important to him, as soon as his retirement; he signed a $1 annual share pay from apple. 

[Steve Jobs doesn’t really care about making profits from apple].

3)Steve Jobs was successful, very rich at a young age, but been a rich kid, he still wants a normal life, not spending like other rich kids and he puts on normal clothes and also not driving expensive cars.

[Steve Jobs was a billionaire whom still follows the normalcy of everyday]. 

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