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What Is the Best Thing to Clean a Helmet With


3rd June 2024 | 2 Views

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What Is the Best Thing to Clean a Helmet With

Cleaning a helmet is one of the best ways of ensuring its durability and safety. However, you only reap the benefits of helmet cleaning if you do it correctly. Even the top-rated helmet on Helmet Gurus might fail you if you don’t give it adequate care. Learn the best thing to clean a helmet with as your first step to impeccable helmet care.

Cleaning Supplies to Consider

You need about three categories of cleaning supplies for your helmet – a liquid, detergent, and cleaning implement. Common cleaning implements include sponges, brushes, and washcloths. Whatever implement you choose, ensure it’s soft enough not to scratch the helmet. The right implement should also reach all the nooks and crannies of the helmet.

The choice of washing fluid depends on the following:

  • The helmet’s materials
  • Your budget
  • The helmet’s stains 

For example, warm water and mild soap are adequate for routine helmet cleaning. Don’t use strong detergent that might damage the helmet’s materials. You can use vinegar and baking soda as substitutes for detergent. 

Apart from water, you can also use isopropyl alcohol or helmet-specific cleaners. The alcohol works more as a disinfectant than a cleaner. However, alcohol can damage some materials, like common visor materials, so you should use it carefully. Helmet-specific cleaners are more likely to be safe than other cleaning liquids.

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Cleaning Precautions to Take

Imagine you don’t know how to ride and have just bought the best motorcycle. The motorcycle won’t help you much until you master riding. The same is true with helmet cleaning. Having the right cleaning supplies won’t help much if you don’t know how to use them. You might even damage the helmet if you aren’t careful.

One precaution is disassembling the motorcycle by removing removable parts and cleaning them separately. This process is crucial since different helmet parts feature different materials that may need different cleaning supplies. 

Another tip is to consider the helmet material. Checking out the top helmets on Helmet Gurus shows that they come with different materials like carbon fiber, polycarbonate, and Kevlar. Understand your helmet’s material and use the appropriate cleaning supplies for it. 

Lastly, be gentle so as not to scratch the helmet. For example, scratching the visor might lead to poor visibility. Above all, follow the manufacturer’s guide for helmet care and cleaning.

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Tips to Minimize Cleaning Frequency

Whether you are a sports enthusiast, a racer, or a delivery rider, you don’t want to spend all your time washing your helmet. Moreover, too much cleaning can damage some parts of the helmet. Thus, you should take measures to minimize the cleaning frequency.

One tip is to store the helmet in cleaning environments. For example, don’t store the helmet alongside oil or oily substances that might spill on it. Another tip is to wipe down the helmet each time after use. For example, don’t store the helmet as it is after your weekend off-road adventures. Rather, wipe the helmet so dust doesn’t accumulate on it, necessitating deep cleaning.

What type of helmet do you use? What do the Helmet Gurus say about your helmet in their reviews and guides? Some people swear by open-face, full-face, or modular helmets. Some put a premium on Kevlar helmets. Whatever helmet type you have, take good care of it; it will serve you well for a long time.



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