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My school ๐Ÿ˜Š

The school is a beautiful, clean, Environment Where the students, the students, and the teachers do entry .

School, childโ€™s home and teacher, studentโ€™s Family Children go to school and make their future beautiful.ย 

School is one such educational Institution Where all races consider children equal.ย 

There is no high-low, no discrimination, no rich-poor Anyone who has been to school knows this.ย 

The government does a lot of good with this Fund Children never get in trouble at school.

This includes books, education, food and Clothing Pila Manโ€™s family is happy to see you.ย 

Children go to school and their future is Bright When a child goes to school, it is very dark.ย 

Children go to school, study, have Fun Think about your own future.

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