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Cascade of Wonders


2nd June 2024 | 1 Views

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Amidst the forest’s emerald green,

Where shadows dance and light is seen,
A waterfall, in grand array,
Cascades in splendor, wild and free.

From cliffs it leaps with joyous might,
A silken veil of dazzling white,
Its roaring song, a powerful hymn,
To nature’s grace and strength within.

Each droplet sparkles in the sun,
A thousand gems, each one a sun,
They tumble, race, then fall below,
Into the pool where currents flow.

The rocks embrace the water’s fall,
Worn smooth by time, they stand so tall,
Guardians of this sacred place,
Where earth and water interlace.

Waterfall 7315169 1280

Mist rises like a ghostly breath,
Enshrouding all in cool, sweet death,
A moment’s peace, a soft caress,
In nature’s arms, we find our rest.

The air is filled with echoes clear,
A symphony for all who hear,
The laughter of the waterfall,
A timeless dance, a primal call.

Ferns and flowers line the way,
In colors vibrant, bright display,
They drink the mist, they bathe in light,
In harmony with day and night.

Here, the soul can find its peace,
In nature’s wonders, sweet release,
The waterfall, a sight so grand,
A testament to Earth’s great hand.

Waterfall 7344396 1280

So stand before its mighty flow,
Let all your worries swiftly go,
In the cascade, find your grace,
In nature’s heart, your sacred place.

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