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A poem on rainy day: Rain’s Embrace


2nd June 2024 | 4 Views

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Beneath a sky of charcoal gray,

The raindrops fall in soft ballet,

A soothing hymn in nature’s tongue,

A song of peace, forever young.

The streets adorned in liquid light,

Reflect the world in shimmering sight,

Puddles form like transient lakes,

Where children splash and laughter wakes.

Leaves tremble with each gentle kiss,

In this moment of pure, tranquil bliss,

The earth drinks deep the silver rain,

Healing from the drought and pain.

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Windows glow with cozy light,

A refuge from the misty night,

Warmth within as cold winds blow,

A sanctuary where hearts aglow.

Umbrellas bloom like garden flowers,

In the rhythm of the showers,

Each one a shield, a brief respite,

From the endless, falling night.

The rain, a lover’s whispered touch,

Soft, persistent, giving much,

Cleansing sorrow, washing fears,

A comfort in the quiet tears.

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When the storm has had its say,

And dawn breaks through in soft array,

The world is fresh, renewed, and bright,

Bathed in the aftermath of night.

For in the rain’s unending grace,

We find our own serene embrace,

A moment’s peace, a brief reprieve,

In rainy days, our souls believe.

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