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Chapter seven


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Chapter seven

Ajayi pack in several raw foods, tied with a clothe; he hand it over to me followed with a bow. I place my hand on his shoulder. “My brother, I know you are eager to come with me, but I also understand how weaken your body is”. I said to him. picked up my axe and blade. turned around, taking few steps.

“The gods are with you, great king (ọba)”. Ajayi exclaimed, I shook my head. wave at him. as I kept on going. After a long time I exiled from his sight.

I got inside the thick forest, which I felt dwarf by the mighty trees. Pave my way through. I go for hunting a lot; and I know the rules of the forest.


After three days of struggle inside the forest, I’m finally out. Now taking the mountains side leading to my kingdom.


Moment my foot stepped on the land, goosebumps engulfed my body. My hand was dripping sweat. I gazed at the women slaughtered, and children locked inside cage; just as animals. My spirit was sorrowed, the people of the land are starving while the land is filled with milk and honey. 

The land is made of the best linen but I saw all the women naked. And men doing hard labour. 

“Nooooo”. I yelled at my two brothers at each other throat as the beasts watches them. “Stop”. I said, coming between them.

“Brother don’t kill your brother”. 

“Who is that, how dare him stop those entertaining us, do wish to die”. One of the three enemies pour fourth, I turned to him; glaring hatefully. “I’m not afraid of death, blood is my favorite wine, what are you vultures doing were we dwell”. I said and 

he was pissed off, and brought out his sword, immediately reaching to my neck. 

With a blink of an eye I smashed his heart with one fire fist. 

Crashed suddenly on the ground. The others were astonished, shock mirrored on their face. As they flee away.

Sighed heavily.


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