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chapter five


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chapter five

“Prince”. Ajayi exclaimed, rushing in, as he pant heavily. “I heard you scream what was it?”. He asked looking curious. “I had a dream encountering the mother of the river”. I said, eyed widen. Aja stood there just staring profusely. “It not just any encounter, that was a power one; I can recall her sending powerful things into my body which had my bones break and clashing together”. 

He shook his head. “That is very rare, seeing the mother of the river in your dreams, it either you belong to the river or you are somehow related to her in the past”.

I stopped to think of that connection I feel when I was with her. I’m sure father would have said it if I’m the son of the river. This tensed me more mortified. “Prince, let it go of mind; eledumare is watching over you everytime, because you are one of his special”. Ajayi said, I nod my head in affirmatively.


On our every day activities, me and Ajayi went out to the forest for hunting, lucky for us we got a huge antelope “ọmọ ọba, seat and rest, until I roast the meat for us”.

Ajayi said smiling so happy.

“Okay go ahead”. I said. Then I got seated on the large wood log, the moon is shining brightly on us, I sniffed in the warmth of the sweet evening, it strutter butterflies in my stomach.

Abruptly I started hearing the cry of multitude, I thought for once it was me mistaking, not until it was becoming more vividly. While are some many people wailing close. I thought for some seconds and I decide to shrugged it off my shoulder.


Aja brought in the rosted meat, he dropped it on the leaves he arranged on the floor.

“Wow, you are always the best”. I said.

“Thank you my prince for the compliment, I felt flatters”. I smiled, reaching to the meat to take a cut. And the wailing sound was so hard and disrupting. “Ahhhhhhh”. I yelled, shielding my ear. “What is wrong, prince”. 

“I don’t know, can’t you hear the multitude crying?”. “I can’t, I swear no single person is crying”. I said. Then I understand I’m not okay. “Take me inside it getting more intense”. I said.


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