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Chapter four


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Chapter four

“Omo ọba, I quickly went to spy on our kingdom but things are in disarray, Your palace is taken over by the beasts rulers, I’m sorry”. Ajayi fall down on his knees.

I shook my head fervently. “Brother, get back on your knees, no need to cry”. I said.

I thought, we have to make shelters. continue with our life here. “Aja, let make here a home, yes we should cut woods and bamboo to make huts, which we could live”.

I need time for my wounds to heal before I revenge my riot on the enemies.

Surely, I will reclaim my kingdom, with the king of the beasts on his knees. I balled my fist, gritted my teeth together.


I and Aja walked into the forest. He took his cutlass, taking down woods logs; as I aid bringing them to the spot which we are planting the huts. 

Lift up the log into the hole we dug, attached the bamboos together. “Bring in the palm branches”. I said, and Aja shift in the bunch of them.

Made it as the roof. Take ropes to perfect them. and making patches to avoid little licking.

Now we are mixing a lot of mud, I pack some holding it unto the building. 

We want mud to be part of the hut.


After days of making several huts and mud houses. 

We both felt so tired, craving to rest.

“Prince we should lie down on one of the house to rest”. Aja said.

“Thank you for saying that, I swear my back hurt so much”.

Then we bent in to our hut, I lie down on the silk ground. it was aja idea to fill the floor with silk, and I also thought it will be comfortable for us in time of sleeping.

Shut my eyes closed.

Sighed in relieved.


Shocked and surprised embraced me, moment I gaze at the river goddess coming towards me, she looked so familiar.

And I was like we have some connections.

“Who are you?”. I asked curiously, to know where she belong. 

But she kept silent, and as she was very close to me, she immediately stretch her hands upon me, and I feel the rushing fire inside of me, which had me screaming.

till I peeled up, realizing it was a dream.


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