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We’re going to die chapter 3


28th May 2024 | 2 Views

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Mr Thomas dusted off his hands, “The cement is all used up; we should get some tomorrow and block the only hole left in this toilet.” Seeing they have only one hole left in the house, he laughed with satisfaction.

Mrs Thomas nodded. “I get that.” Mrs Tomas smiled; “you did a great job, Thomas.”

“Mrs Thomas!”

Harold exclaimed, knocking on the door with a cat in his arms.

“Oh!” Mrs Thomas exclaimed excitedly. “Harld is here with the cat.”

“You ask for a cat?” Thomas was surprised and quickly followed his wife to the door.

One of the rats in the leftover hole in Tanya’s toilet peered out as Mr and Mrs Thomas’s voices faded as they left.

“Oh! Damn!” Iza exclaimed as she turned to the rest of the rats. “There is a cat here.” She cried, pointing outside the hole.

“What are we going to do? We are trapped!”

“Oh! This is bad.” Kiel rubbed his head as he sat, looking gloomy.

“We have to get out of here. We need to find our way out of this house.”

“What?!” Every one of the six rats exclaimed as Drink said. They were all looking at him with an expression, ‘You don’t know what you are talking about.’Going To Die

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